Marketing and Promotion on Flippa on Listings


What marketing and promotion does Flippa do for my listing?


  • Placement within search on our platform gets you in front of buyers.
  • High-quality listings can be selected for Flippa Marketing activities.
  • Flippa has over 15 years of web history, providing strong SEO performance for prospective buyers searching online to buy a business. 




How can an upgrade of my listing boost buyer engagement and when are the upgrades applied? 


We have different packages available on our pricing page:

An upgrade is a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your business and attract more interested buyers. 

For assets greater than 10k, here's the timeline for upgrades: 

  • On day 1, your listing gets a boost in search results.
  • Within the first 21 days, your business is showcased to our Flippa Premium buyer cohort, which consists of highly active and engaged buyers on our platform. 
  • After 21 days, your listing is opened to the wider community, maximizing its exposure. 

After 21 days, there is broader visibility when it applies to your upgrade (See pricing page). These are applied within 1 - 4 weeks after the 21-day First Access period. 

  • We run Run of Site Display Ads that appear within our search.

  • The listing is then placed on our homepage as part of Homepage Inclusion.
  • The listing is added to our daily newsletter, which is sent to 500k+ prospective buyers as part of Newsletter Inclusion.



How can I get more interest?


High-quality listings attract more interest and are more likely to sell. They will also rank higher in search results and be more likely to be selected for Flippa marketing and promotional activities.

A high-quality listing is well written, has a number of data integrations to help support performance claims, is well priced (within a range of 1-2x annual profit), and the seller has completed ID verification.

A guide on how to write a good listing can be found here: How to write the best listing description

More details about our ranking system can be found here: How are listings ranked/ ordered on Flippa? How can I increase my rank?

Each listing that launches on Flippa is reviewed for marketing and promotion to potential buyers.

Available channels include social, direct marketing, on-platform features and special events. Flippa also syndicates high value and high quality listings externally to attract even greater attention. Please note that each listing is considered for each available channel based on it's individual merit and the final decision on which listings are selected for what channel resides with the Flippa marketing team.

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