How to value an asset or business


Flippa recommends you start with a price equal to 2-2.5 x annual net profit. You can also use our free online valuation tool to help you determine the value of your business here:


Thinking of selling your asset or business but not sure what asking price to set?

Flippa has sold hundreds of thousands of assets and businesses over the years. Based on that experience, we have recently launched an online valuation tool that can provide you with a guide on how much your asset or business could sell for and what your asking price should be should you decide to list for sale on Flippa. The Valuation Tool is free to use and takes just a few minutes to complete. It compares user inputs with Flippa’s own sales data and historical index to create a very accurate valuation for any website or app. The online valuation tool can be found here:

Please note that this produces a general sale estimation range that should be used as a guide only. For a full professional valuation, we recommend to visit our Due Diligence service here.


How should I choose my listing price?


While the price is up to you, Flippa won’t allow pricing that grossly overvalues an asset. A grossly overvalued asset can create risk for our buying community and we have a responsibility to protect unwitting buyers.

To inform your decision about what price to set, you can search for comparable listings to get an idea of market prices or look at Flippa case studies.

You can also take a look at the Flippa 101 to get an overall guide on how to set up your listing including pricing.

As a guide, Flippa recommends you start with a price equal to 2-2.5 x annual net profit. Note: this is your annual net profit in the most recent 12 months.

Remember: Listing your online asset or business for sale at a realistic, achievable price will give it the best chance of sale. This price may even give your business a competitive advantage as more interested buyers can lead to a better result than you expected.

Please do not include inventory value in your asking price if you are selling an e-commerce store. This will be displayed separately. 

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