What apps are allowed on Flippa?

There are different types of apps that can be sold on Flippa, it's important that sellers identify their apps correctly so that buyers know what they are buying.


  • Unique/ Original apps have licensed source code unique to this app
  • Reskins are copies of another app with variations to design/artwork, music and/ or sound
  • Clones are exact copies of another app, sometimes with a different name but with no other changes


It is important for sellers to clearly detail the type of app that they are selling.

It is vital for buyers to perform extensive due diligence prior to buying an app to ensure that the type of app a seller describes is true and accurate (i.e. there are no other variations in market of what is described in the listing as an 'original app')

Unique/Original Apps

These are apps that have licensed source codes made by the programmer who created the apps/games. There are no variations of the app in any app stores being sold by this or any other app developer.

Reskinned Apps

These are copies of existing apps that have subtle changes - most commonly to design/artwork and key characters in the game (i.e. swapping 'birds' for 'cats' etc). There can also be changes to the music and sound effects of the original app and it will almost certainly be renamed (though quite often the new name will have a similar name to the original it was copied from (i.e. 'Angry Cats' instead of 'Angry Birds'). The reskinned app retains the source code and actual gameplay of the original app it was copied from.

For more information regarding Reskinned Apps, please visit this article from our FlippaBlog site: https://blog.flippa.com/what-is-an-app-reskin/

Cloned Apps

Clones are exact copies of another app, sometimes with a different name but with no other changes. 


Flippa recommends that anyone considering the purchase of an app should review either the Google or Apple app guidelines as applicable BEFORE purchase to check that the app in question is valid for either environment and there is not anything of concern.


Please note that Flippa reserves the right to suspend or cancel any listing related to an app that we believe may be considered to be contravening another party’s IP or another company’s terms. We may also suspend any listing and the associated user account upon being contacted by a third party about such concerns and/ or concerns regarding misrepresented performance or financials. 

All listings must comply with our guide on Prohibited Content.


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