How are listings ranked/ ordered on Flippa? How can I increase my rank?

Listings on Flippa are ordered according to a ranking system that takes into account seller verification and listing data integrations.


  • The more data integrations on a listing (GA etc) the higher that listing will be ranked
  • ID verification and offering support will also improve a listing's ranking


The order of listings on Flippa is determined by a ranking system.

This system is based on data integrations added to a listing, the asking price and a number of other factors.

In order to increase a listing ranking, sellers should complete ID verification, integrate the following data sources and perform the following actions:

  • Complete a seller bio
  • Complete GA integration
  • Attach financial documentation/ examples
  • Add other product/ supporting documents about the listing as attachments
  • Complete financial accounting integration (i.e. quickbooks if this is used)
  • Offer Post-Sale support
  • Set a reasonable asking price - we recommend between 1x and 2x annual profit
  • Complete seller ID verification
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