An important part of any asset purchase is due diligence. We recommend that you undertake a comprehensive analysis and due diligence process on the asset you intend to buy. 

Flippa recommends two due diligence options.

1. Flippa Due Dilligence:

This is our own in-house service starting at $1000. Our official Due Diligence Report provides deep analysis, insightful recommendations, and peace of mind. We combine our expertise with data from over 100,000 Flippa transactions to help you uncover the unknowns, identify problem areas and hidden risks, and assess the value of the business you are considering purchasing.

Turnaround time: About 7-10 days.

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2. Centurica Independent:

Centurica is an independent risk assessment company that specializes in online business and asset due diligence and Flippa actively refers business to Centurica. Centurica offers due diligence packages from $549 to $899.

Note: Flippa does not have any financial association with Centurica. 

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