Flippa has a strict prohibited content policy. Please note that this covers product name(s), asset name(s), brand or company name(s), business listing content, business entity name(s), user profile content; and any user interaction on the Flippa platform or with any Flippa representatives either on the Flippa platform or in any other form of communication. This also covers on-platform Feedback, Messaging and Comments.

We would draw attention to the fact that hateful, offensive, violently threatening, racist, obscene, profane, illegal or vulgar language and content is not tolerated on Flippa and will result in an immediate and permanent account ban.

This is not an exhaustive list and Flippa retains the right to make changes to this banned content as required.

If you have concerns about any listing on Flippa, please contact our support team immediately.


  • Adult, overly sexual content
    • Please note that adult products and lingerie is allowed but at Flippa's discretion
  • Spam, advertising or other commercial content, including links to such content
  • Solicitous content
  • Feedback not related to this sale, but to other transactions
  • Personally identifying information such as phone numbers or addresses
  • Political, religious or social commentary
  • Content that is fraudulent, misleading or deceptive
    • Please note that this also includes personal information.
  • Content that refers to a Flippa dispute or investigation
  • Content making unverified performance and/ or financial claims, promises or guarantees
  • Content that contravenes another party’s IP
    • Please note that this includes - but is not restricted to - torrent and download assets and businesses
  • Content that contravenes another company’s terms
    • Please note that this includes content related to the unauthorized sale of accounts on another party’s product or service
    • As per Flippa terms, all sellers agree when creating an account that they own and have the rights to sell and transfer ownership of whatever is included in a listing. In addition, sellers also confirm that what they include in their listing does not contravene any other party’s terms. If a listing is later found to be in breach of this then that listing will be suspended and the seller may be subject to additional sanctions depending on the nature of the breach
  • Content related to unauthorized hacks or modifications to another party’s product or service
    • This includes unofficial/ unauthorized game mods or hacks
  • Content related to illegal activities
  • Weapons, imitation weapons and weapon accessories
  • Content that could possibly cause offense to a reasonable person
  • Content that Flippa has deemed to be prohibitive and not suitable for the Flippa Marketplace

Please also see this article regarding what apps are allowed on Flippa.

With respect to domains, the domain name cannot be offensive in anyway.

Flippa retains the right to decide what language and content meets the criteria of being ‘Prohibited Content’ and is deemed offensive. Use of such language or content will result in sanctions, up to and including an immediate removal of a business listing, removal from a business auction, deletion of auction and/ or classified bids and offers; and a total and permanent ban from Flippa. This also covers on-platform Feedback, Messaging and Comments.

If you have concerns about any listing on Flippa, please contact our support team immediately.

Please note that the below are additional rules that apply to assets being sold on Flippa:

  • Website subdomains (i.e. name.com/name or west.example.com) are not allowed except when the asset or business being sold is present on a marketplace such as https://wordpress.org/plugins; or an ecommerce platform such as Shopify etc.

A right of reply process exists if you would like to discuss the matter further with our Marketplace Integrity Team and that discussion should continue on the communication related to the matter.

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