What is the best time to end my auction?


It’s always busy on Flippa, so there’s no 'wrong' time to end an auction. Our system of on site alerts, app alerts and emails ensure all participating users are kept well informed of when the auctions end.

There are some key points to remember when choosing your end time

  • Your situation - Ensure you are available around the time to answer any last minute comments and bid requests
  • A potential Buyers location - pick a time which works for your Buyer's time zone. If your auction is not specifically targeted, consider the US West coast as a sensible default for timing - so you'll want this to finish when most people are awake.
  • Your auction may end later - Auctions often receive bids in the final hour. If you choose an end time, remember that it may still auto-extend for an hour when any new winning bidder is received on your auction.

Please note that all times displayed on Flippa are local to your location.

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