What does it mean when a listing is Verified?


  • We will cover each type of verified badge,
  • How the Vetted By Flippa team works in order to review a listing. 

The two types of badges are:

  1. Data Verified - Data from one or more third-party integrations has been connected and collected for your assets which neither you nor we can edit, including Google AdMob, Google AdSenseGoogle AnalyticsQuickBooksShopifyStripe, and WooCommerce.

  2. Vetted by Flippa - For listings priced from $50,000 USD, the Flippa Vetting Team conducts additional checks to ensure the accuracy of revenueprimary expenses, and traffic. If this data cannot be verified, the assets cannot be listed for sale on Flippa.

Let's dive into the details of Vetted by Flippa this badge our vetting team has reviewed this listing and verified:

  • Revenue: Verifying revenue is done by obtaining access to platforms directly from sellers, if platforms don't allow additional users or users with limited access we will have a remote session with the seller to sight the asset's revenue. 

  • Primary Expenses: Are outlined by the seller on a listing our verification team is required to sight either the invoices directly by having them sent to us or have them shown to us during a remote session. 
  • Traffic: Where Google Analytics is available our team will use direct integration from Flippa into the account to understand the site traffic profile. In the event that Google Analytics isn't being used then the team will site traffic reporting sections of Shopify and Seller Central as two examples however many other applications are also reviewed.   


  • We ask that you share the required information as soon as possible in order to speed up getting your listing live. We know that when Buyers can trust that an initial verification has taken place they are a lot quicker to engage sellers. 

  • Where a Seller is unable to provide the verification data required they will not be able to list on our marketplace. In this event, your listing will be canceled and refunded.   


  • The time and effort taken to verify listings allow us to provide another critical trust signal among others. As a Buyer, you can take comfort that a human verification process has been carried out before listing.


  • Brokered listings are managed by our trusted partners, they carry out their own human verification processes before listing on Flippa.  
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