Ownership verification of my iOS or Android App


How to verify ownership of my iOS or Android App?


Flippa verify ownership for all apps. Verification helps buyers bid with confidence and is mandatory to list your app on Flippa.


Please confirm that your Developer support email address on Google Play matches your Flippa account email address and let us know so we can verify your app's ownership for you.

Note: Due to changes to Google's Metadata policy, we are typically no longer able to confirm your ownership by your adding the token we provide to your app's description text or copyright field on Google Play.


Please add the alphanumeric verification token we provide to your app's promotional text or copyright field in App Store Connect and let us know once that change is live on the App Store so we can verify your app's ownership for you. The review process must currently be done manually by the Flippa Support team.

Note: Apple has recently changed what can be added without resubmitting your app for review, so we no longer ask you to update your app's support link.

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