Flippa delivers a platform for buyers and sellers of businesses to connect, communicate and transact. We expect all users to respect one another and to respect Flippa representatives. With that in mind there are a range of behaviours that are deemed as unacceptable on Flippa.


Any evidence of a banned behaviour will result in sanctions, up to and including an immediate removal of a business listing, removal from a business auction, deletion of auction and/ or classified bids and offers; and a total and permanent ban from Flippa. Please note this behaviour policy covers all activities on the Flippa platform and all forms of communication between users and with Flippa representatives either on the Flippa platform or in any other form of communication. This also covers on-platform Feedback and Messaging.


The following is not an exhaustive list and Flippa retains the right to make changes to this banned behaviour list as required. Flippa retains the right to decide what behaviours meet the criteria of being unacceptable.

  • Overdue fee payment (success fees are not paid when due)
    • Please note that non-payment of success fees will result in debt collection activity.
  • Dealing off-platform (Payment is identified to have been processed outside of Flippa)
  • Listing on another marketplace at the same time as managing a live auction listing on Flippa
  • Spam/ Solicitation
  • Abuse or threatening behaviour
  • False or unverified accusations
  • Multiple account operation
  • Sale or transfer of a Flippa account to another person
  • Shill bidding (Bidding on/ promoting own listing through duplicate accounts or associated accounts or actively engaging with third party(s) to artificially inflate auction activity)
  • Involvement in fraud
  • Not making payment when a sale has been completed
  • Not delivering assets and any other inclusions of the asset or business during Payments and Transfer
  • Increasing reserve during an active auction
  • Miss-portrayal of business/ assets that are included, their value, ownership, performance or operation
  • Attempting to list asset(s) or business(s) associated with another user
  • Miss-portrayal of identity including misrepresentation of age


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