What is Shill Bidding?


Shill Bidding occurs when a bid is placed without the intention to win the auction, or when a party related to the seller bids.

This is strictly forbidden on Flippa as it artificially inflates the price in an unfair manner. In the case of parties related to the seller - which can include relatives, friends or co-workers - they may be in possession of extra information about the item for sale, giving them an unfair advantage over other bidders.

Flippa works hard to prevent shill bidding. Our system stops sellers from bidding on their own items, and our anti-fraud systems run a wide range of checks on every bidder. If caught acting in this manner, users will be sanctioned and their account may be suspended or banned.

If a related party wishes to buy an item from you, they should do it off Flippa prior to the auction.

Bear in mind that we make no apologies about our desire to protect our users, and we will err on the side of caution. If it looks to us like a shill bid then we will treat it as a shill bid. If you use the site in a fair and honest manner then you won't have a problem.

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