Paying for listing package fees and Success Fees (Sellers)

Listing package fees are paid to Flippa to list your website or online businesses, Amazon FBA/KDP/Audible account, Android and/or iOS app, and domain name for sale.

Success Fees are required to be paid upon the completion of a successful sale. These fees are disbursed from the payment held in escrow or can be paid using all major debit and credit cards where your card issuer supports transactions in US Dollars (USD) to a merchant in the United States of America or via PayPal.


Paying for purchased assets (Buyers) 



We partner with Trolley Payments for an escrow-like service we call FlippaPay as an option when it is offered upon invitation directly by our Deal Completion Team. The payment method is managed directly by them and is not available for all transactions. Both parties in the transaction are required to have completed our identity verification checks and provide a signed asset purchase agreement before we will proceed. With FlippaPay, buyers’ funds are held by Flippa in a Regulatory Trust which is administered by AscendantFX Capital USA Inc. Terms for FlippaPay can be found here.


Escrow by

For most transactions and where both users are in supported countries, Escrow services from can be used for payment from an integrated button in the Deal Completion Area. This may require identity or account holder verification from


Accepted currencies -
  • US Dollars (USD)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Please talk to our Post Sales Team so setup any Non-USD transactions. 

Payouts are completed in the same currency that the money is received in. will not convert the currency and payout. This means that the FX rate is bank dependent and sellers should consult their banking institution to understand the impact.


Cryptocurrencies (Crypto)

We are able to offer Crypto as a payment service. Flippa has set up a crypto wallet with CoinBase for accepting Crypto. This allows Flippa to receive crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, etc) into its wallet. The account has been set up with CoinBase Australia. It is important to note that currently CoinBase Australia does not allow selling of crypto to fiat currencies (AUD, USD, etc). Hence, Flippa will only support this method where both parties want to use crypto (e.g. the Buyer is funding in crypto and the Seller is receiving the payment in crypto).

Given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it recommended to transact using a stable coin (USDC) to manage downside risk. The risk of any downside is borne by the Buyer and the Seller. e.g. if Flippa receives 1 BTC, it will send 1 BTC when the transaction completes. Both parties in the transaction are required to have completed our identity verification checks and provide a signed asset purchase agreement before we will proceed. Terms for using cryptocurrencies on Flippa can be found here.



For transactions with a value of less than $2,500, PayPal can be used for direct payment to the Seller from the Deal Completion Area and/or if the seller has enabled PayPal payment for Buy It Now. Both the Buyer and Seller need to complete ID verification before the Pay with PayPal button is available. PayPal can be enabled for higher value transactions upon request, but it is not recommended due to increased risk for both parties.




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