The comments section of a Flippa listing is intended for open discussion on listings, before making public comments, please read all of a listing and frame your comment as a question to the Seller. 


Buyer Expectations

Acceptable examples of comment use

  • I see you mentioned a plugin called [plugin name] on the listing what additional costs are there for it?
  • Can we see a monthly breakdown of financials on the listing page? I notice you only have full-year totals? 
  • Could you please update details for the last few months as the data is outdated now? 

Buyers should ask engaging questions on the asset that will better inform them and other prospective buyers. 

Comments that might be removed include

  • Inappropriate messages to other users, including marketing communications. 
  • Baseless accusations of a listing without informed questioning as part of the constructive comment. 
  • Spamming of many listings.

Seller Expectations

Sellers are expected to respond in kind to Buyer's public comments, there is little reason to hide details and refrain from public answers unless, for example, the information is sensitive in nature. If this is the case, then explain the reason for not responding rather not replying. 

Deleting comments can put the Seller at risk of their account being reviewed.  


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