Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Privacy Feature

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be added during the listing creation process to make some details of any Flippa listing confidential. You can do this during the listing creation process for $199, and it is included in our Premium and Ultimate listing packages.


A Flippa user as a prospective Buyer of a confidential listing will need to sign the NDA first. The Seller will need to accept the NDA from that user in order for the prospective Buyer to see the:

  • Asset URL
  • Asset Name
  • Full listing description
  • Attachments which provide details about revenue, including profit & loss (P&L)

The Seller will be notified via email once a Flippa user has signed a NDA. There will be a link in the email to a listing's submitted NDAs where the Seller can accept/reject the NDA. Flippa users who have sufficiently completed Buyer Funds Verification or have subscribed to our First Access feature will have their NDAs automatically accepted. A user who submitted an NDA will be notified via email once the Seller has accepted their NDA.


The user can then see the listing and asset details, message the Seller, and place a bid / make an offer. If your listing is already live on Flippa, adding a NDA does not retroactively require users who have previously created private conversations or placed bids to sign/complete the NDA.


If a Flippa user does not sign an NDA (or if their submitted NDA is not approved), users will only be able to see the following items:

  • Asset type, for example Amazon FBA, eCommerce or content website
  • Site age 

  • Calculated monthly profit 

  • Calculated profit margin 

  • Monthly profit and revenue multiple

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