• Editor's Choice listings are not verified in any way by Flippa
  • Editor's Choice listings are chosen for their presumed interest to buyers


The Editor's choice listings space on Flippa enables a selection of listings to be featured for buyer interest.

These listings are chosen by Flippa due to their perceived interest to buyers and their selection should not be taken as as an endorsement of quality in any way. 

All buyers must perform all required due diligence before making an offer or placing a bid for a listing. Flippa does not verify any claims made by any seller in respect to a listing on Flippa. Verification is the buyer's responsibility. Buyers should ensure that they are completely happy with what is being offered for sale as part of a listing and should discuss the contents of a listing at length with a seller before engaging in an auction or a classified sale.

We recommend at a minimum the following is performed:

  • Analysis of GA and traffic data to determine if organic traffic is inline with claims and customer volume and behavior and whether there is a significant % of purchased traffic
  • Analysis of past orders including billing and shipping data associated with those orders to determine if they appear reasonable and true customer purchases
  • A video walk-through of claimed financials, where the seller accesses the platform used to report and monitor revenue in real time with you to determine whether claimed financials are accurate and true
  • A thorough review of all comments and reviews left by former customers to determine accuracy and they represent an expected and normal customer experience
  • Analysis of any products/ goods/ services offered through the listing being purchased and their associated suppliers to determine product and supplier quality and supply availability/ timeliness and profitability

Please note that the selection of listings for Editor’s Choice is entirely at the discretion of Flippa. 

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