Fees and Fee Payment, Charges and Pricing

Fees and charges on Flippa are quite simple - you pay a listing fee and a success fee. The listing fee is due on all listings and the success fee is payable when you sell. Please note that there may be banking fees applicable, please read on for further information.


  • All listings have a standard per month listing fee regardless of type, size or location currently $15 per month 
  • Variable success fees are charged depending on the final sale value and whether you chose to be assisted by a broker. Full details can be found here 
  • We currently do not charge buyers for use of Flippa.


Listings fees

These are fees that are charged to sellers for each listing launched in the marketplace. All listings have a standard per month listing fee regardless of type, size or location and this is currently $15 per month. Fee payment is due at the point of listing. Listings cannot be launched without payment.

Please note that a listing is for a single website, domain, app or business. If a listing includes multiple assets (i.e. a website and apps) these should be noted in the listing description, however the listing should focus on a single website, domain, app or business that encompasses everything for sale (i.e. 'Chillisauce.com' is the main title of the listing, however the description includes the fact that there is also a 'chillisauce iOS app' and the 'ilovechilli.com' domain included in the sale). The main focus of a listing cannot be changed whilst it is live - i.e. you cannot swap the listing from selling 'chillisauce.com' to 'babystoys.com'.

Cancelling your listing will cancel your subscription and you will not be charged. Cancelling a listing is possible via a 'Cancel' button on the listing page.

You can reactivate a cancelled listing at any time and this will re-launch your listing. Please note that reactivating your listing will incur a new $15 listing fee and set a new anniversary date for the monthly billing. This will happen each time a listing is reactivated.

Success fees - Self Service

These are payable by the seller or designated owner of the account. They are only charged on a successful sale. The actual success fee % depends on the type of listing that you have selected and also whether you select to be assisted by a broker.

If you decide to manage the listing yourself the success fees are as follows:. 

  • If your listing sells between $1m to $5m your success fee is 5%
  • If your listing sells between $500k to $1m your success fee is 7.5%
  • If your listing sells between between $1 to $499k your success is 10%

Success fees - Broker Assistance

Flippa also partners with a network of brokers. Instead of owning the sales process yourself and working with a Flippa account manager, you can choose to work with one of our network of partners. These brokers will manage the sale for you and you will still get the benefit of the Flippa platform and the world’s largest network of buyers.

If you do choose to partner with a broker the success fee is 15%. This is shared between Flippa and the broker.

Buyer fees

We currently do not charge buyers for use of Flippa.


Other Fees

Banking fees

These are charges applied by your bank when making or receiving payment.

Flippa operates in USD, so if your bank account is in any currency other than USD you could be liable for a $25 international wire fee or other fees as charged by your bank. It is best to contact your bank to understand exactly what fees and charges they might apply.

Flippa Escrow

There are no fees to use Flippa Escrow, however when making payment through a debit or credit card, there is an additional 2.9% fee charged to the Buyer.

Please note that there are pre-authorisation 'charges' that are applied before you can bid or make an offer on Flippa. These are 'payment holdings' applied to your credit/ debit card and are refunded within a few days/ weeks as per your bank's policy/ process. More details can be found Pre-authorisation Charge

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