A user's Public Profile explained


  • What's on the Public Profile we cover off 
    • Profile header 
    • Profile tabs 
    • Right panel of the profile
  • How best to utilize your profile as a Buyer or Seller 


The Public Profile header starts with the

  • Profile picture 
  • Verification tick 
  • Location specified by the user 
  • A total of all transitions and Total Transaction Value [TTV] - Note this is updated 3 to 4 days after a sale occurs. 
  • Last Active status along with when the user first joined. 

Then a collation of tabs related to more Profile information, Listings for Sale, and Feedback. 

Profile Tab


  • About - Used for general information as a seller this would also appear on a listing. 
  • Why I'm looking to buy 


This section is used in filtering the right assets when searching an asset and showing you the right assets.

  • Overall acquisition budget
  • Looking to buy - How many businesses are you looking to buy?
  • Preferred deal size - Minimum and Maximum deal size 
  • Require financing - Do you you require financing?
  • Open to investing - Would you consider investing in businesses rather than buying?


  • Industry experience - What type of business do you have experience with?
  • Currently owns - How many businesses do you currently own?


  • Business Models - What business models are you interested in?
  • Industries - What industries are you interested in?

Preferred seller location

  • List of locations - You can select multiple locations.

Listings for Sale Tab

  • If the user is a Seller with more than one listing available, this tab will be visible and contain all currently available listings. 

Feedback Tab

  • Provides insights on users' feedback from both a Buyer and Seller perspective. 
  • The percentage of positive feedback calculation looks at feedback from the last 12 months only. 

Right Panel

It contains three sections. These are 

Users Dashboard

  • Is a private collection of links for the user that is currently logged in at the time. It's only visible when looking at your profile. 

Users Verification

  • It is a list of all verification options that can be achieved on a user's profile and the respective status. 

Users Activity 

  • Here is a summary of the number of comments a user has made on listings and the number of bids placed. 
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