Deleting your personally identifiable information ( PII )


  • How to contact Support to Close your account
  • Deleting your PII 

Closing your account.

Follow the steps outlined here.

Deleting your personally identifiable information (PII) 

We understand that some buyers and sellers may no longer need or want to be active members of Flippa. 

Simply contact Flippa Support here and ask for your personally identifiable information (PII) to be deleted, we will follow up with an email to complete the processes. 


Whilst closing your Flippa account removes it from all data processing, data may be retained as required to comply with the law including complying with our legal obligations and by investigating, preventing or taking action in respect of the suspected illegal activity, fraud, or similar activities; and exercise our legal rights including exercising rights we may have under law or a contract between us and you, or between us and a third party.


Please note that whilst closing your account means you no longer wish to use Flippa services, it does not remove any obligation for payment of fees or transfer of assets if you are engaged in an auction or classified listing. 


Closing an account and opening a new account is not allowed as multiple accounts are not allowed for any user. If you have an existing closed account and wish to open a new account, please rather re-open your existing closed account. If you are unable to do so or wish to discuss concerns regarding your existing closed account, please contact our support team rather than open a new account.


If you would like to remain on Flippa but prefer not to receive email notifications about Flippa, you can do so in your user dashboard, under Change Account Settings > Email Preferences. 


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