Can I make an offer outside of Flippa?

Flippa is committed to ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers are looked after and this continues through the listing (auction or classified) period and into the payment process, ensuring that Sellers receive payment before any ownership or assets are transferred; and ensuring that Buyers receive exactly what they purchased. 

Yes, you can discuss and negotiate in whatever form and in whatever way most suits you, however the actual offer or auction bid needs to be placed on the Flippa listing. If it's not lodged on Flippa, it does not exist or happen.

  • In an auction, this means bidding continues without your bid being placed, and you could lose out to another Buyer.
  • In a classified listing, a Seller can receive other offers and accept one from someone else, meaning that you may lose out to another Buyer.

Flippa is also unable to help you with issues that arise from activity conducted outside the Flippa platform. Our secure partners at and FlippaPay are integrated to protect you by holding payment securely for you whilst you review assets, and confirm what you have received is what you were expecting. If there are any concerns or issues, your payment is still secured and can potentially be returned to you. If you transact outside of the platform and one of our secure providers, we are generally unable to help or engage.

If a user has contacted you to conduct a sale off-platform (including by them creating manual escrow transactions), please report it to us by contacting here or to

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