What's the Difference Between a Public Auction and a Private Sale (Classified)?

Flippa offers two ways to buy and sell online property: public auctions and private salesListing fees are the same for both options.


  • Sellers can choose to sell either via an auction or a classified
  • Payment options are the same for either type of sale
  • Listing fees and success fees are the same for either type of sale - more information can be found here Fees and Fee Payment, Charges and Pricing


Public Auctions

Flippa's public auctions last for up to 30 days. Buyers can place bids through the period the auction is live.

The value of the current high bid is displayed on the listing page. Buyers who want to win the auction make bids that are higher than the current high bid. A seller must first accept buyers into the auction so that they can bid.

More information on how auctions work can be found here: How does an auction work?

Private Sales (classifieds)

In a private sale, the offers made to the seller are kept private - even after the sale is completed. No one but the buyer and seller will know what a property sold for in a Flippa private sale.

The seller can only accept one offer - that's the offer that wins the sale. So if a buyer makes an offer on a private sale, and that offer is accepted, that buyer wins the sale.

Flippa's private sales have no end date.

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