Sellers of auction listings can add a Buy It Now (sometimes abbreviated BIN) price to their listing which makes their listing available for a Buyer to purchase immediately for a specific amount (higher than the listing's current reserve price) and skip any uncertainty with the bidding process. Buy It Now cannot be used for negotiation or include different assets and/or services from the listing's reserve price.


When a bidder places a Buy It Now bid, if the bidder has already placed an approved bid on the listing, they will win the auction and become the Buyer. If they have not previously bid on the listing, the Seller can review their profile (as with any prospective bidder on Flippa) and the Buy It Now bid is accepted or rejected based on the Seller's approval of the bidder.


If the purchase price is under $2,500, the Buyer may be prompted to make their payment immediately via PayPal in order to be the Buyer. For higher value transactions, or where escrow via has already been selected as the Seller's preferred payment method, the Buyer or Seller would need to start escrow (or FlippaPay, if applicable) and the asset transfer process as for any other won listing.


If the auction's Seller does not take action and respond to a Buy It Now bid within 72 hours, Flippa will automatically reject the Buy It Now bid and the auction will continue as normal.


Please note that a Buy It Now price is not available for classified (fixed price) listings or auctions which have ended unsold as the ability to place an offer and for a Seller to accept (or counter and then accept) offers provides equivalent functionality.

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