Mobile Application Asset Transfer Guide

Mobile App businesses typically have the following assets that must be transferred once a sale occurs and funds are secured within escrow. 


Mobile Application Listing

The discovery of mobile applications is critical to their business success. Therefore, the application listing page and all the reviews and history are very important. 


Google Play Store

Google Play Console offers an "App Transfer" feature to move ownership of an app and its associated data (ratings, reviews, in-app purchases) to another developer account. Both accounts must be active and registered, and you'll need to provide the target account's transaction ID. This is the most seamless option if you're completely handing over the app.


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Apple App Store

The "App Transfer" feature in App Store Connect. This involves complex steps like tax information matching and requires both Apple Developer accounts to be active. The new owner inherits all app data, reviews, and purchases. 


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Mobile Application Code

All applications on Flippa must also be sold with the codebase so that the new owner is able to continue building on the features of the application. 

As a buyer, if you aren’t a developer yourself, it’s important that you confirm the code is in working order and can be compiled. The transfer isn’t complete if you only have the mobile application listing. 

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