Flippa Deal Room - Messaging & Deal Closing Experience

Our integrated, seamless and powerful platform unifies all aspects of a deal into a simple, easy-to-use workflow.

Here's a summary of the key features. You can also learn more here.

  1. Evaluate buyers and manage your inbox. Choose the buyers you'd like to deal with and control the order of your inbox with the click of a button. Pin preferred buyers to the top of your inbox with 'shortlist' or send unsuitable ones to the bottom with 'archive.'

  2. Preview messages. Quickly scan buyer interest and preview messages from all buyers. Most recent messages will appear at the top and you'll see notification icons for any new unread messages.

  3. Take action immediately. No other platform enables you to close the deal with the flexibility of our upgraded listing panel. Place a bid, make an offer, auto-generate or upload a LOI without having to navigate back to the listing page.

  4. Invite Buyers that we surface to you via our matching algorithms. 
  5. Add third parties. Add trusted advisors and business partners to your message threads and deals using the 'Add people to discussion' button.

  6. Submit and Process LOIs (Letters of Intent) 

  7. Purchase Due Diligence reports directly from our team of experts. 
  8. Seamless deal completion. Select 'Complete My Deal' from the listing panel and move quickly through to our Deal Completion Area. The Deal Completion Area contains all the information and resources you need to complete a deal — from due diligence reports and legal services to integrated payment processing via Escrow.com.


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