Flippa Escrow is Flippa's secure payment method. 

We recommend that all transactions take place through Flippa Escrow as it delivers protection for both buyer and seller. A guide to how Flippa escrow works can be found here.

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  • Hi John

    Thanks for contacting Flippa. 

    It's a good question. How Flippa escrow works is that each transaction creates a digital wallet unique to that transaction. 



    John Paul Traugott
    Are flippa escrow accounts unique to every buyer?
  • Having trouble buying site using Escrow

  • Thanks Frank, a ticket has been created to assist you with your issue.

  • Are flippa escrow accounts unique to every buyer?

  • Please explain why flippa escrow is better and safer than PayPal.
    From experience I know that escrow is only safe for receiving goods. Seller doesn't get payment if buyer doesn't get the goods first and confirms all ok. That's great for domain sales. For websites it's different.

    Here are 2 scenarios:
    1. Sellers sells a website, including expensive scripts, sources, info how everything works, etc. Buyer pays to escrow, receives everything from seller, then makes false claims that something is not working and does not want to release funds, wants to return the website to seller and money back.
    That's #1 buyer fraud method used to get site copy, scripts, sources and business information for free. Buying just to copy site and scripts, find out how business works and get all info, then make false "not as described", "not working" claims. It was done to me many times, PayPal protected me.
    With PayPal seller gets money first, PayPal investigates claims before giving back money to buyer, they ask for evidence and base their decision on that.
    How flippa escrow protects sellers from #1 buyer fraud when it comes to digital goods?

    2. Buyer buys an established website with traffic and revenue "proof". Buyer receives everything, site works, so buyer releases the funds. But after 1st month buyer finds out there is no revenue like in the "proof" screenshot presented by seller, and traffic stops coming (because seller stopped buying traffic), and it becomes clear revenue and traffic proof was fake. How flippa escrow protects buyers from it?
    PayPal protects buyers because buyers can do paypal dispute even after few months, so there is a chance buyer can get money back as paypal can take money out of seller's account anytime.
    With flippa escrow there is no chance buyer will get money back from seller once seller gets the money. Is that not right?
    How flippa escrow protects buyers from sellers who sell sites with fake revenue and traffic? Obviously buyers can't wait a month to verify revenue and traffic before releasing the funds, they find out they've been scammed after some time. With PayPal there is protection for several months, what protection there is with flippa escrow for fake revenue scam?

    Please explain and correct me if I'm mistaken.




  • Hi Turnkey

    With Flippa Escrow, a buyers payment is locked in our payment partners vault whilst they receive assets and inclusions within a sale and whilst they review what has been provided.

    If any issues are raised by a buyer, Flippa investigates these claims fully and requires clear evidence from a buyer that shows clearly and without question the concerns raised are valid and legitimate. Flippa will not release any payment back to a buyer unless there is clear evidence that the claims being made are legitimate.

    With regards to your other point regarding issues that are found post asset transfer and payment release, this can be challenging - however a buyer always has recourse to contact their bank or to seek independent legal advice if there are issues found with a purchase post payment release and we will of course cooperate fully and conduct our own investigation. Flippa recommends that buyers perform full due diligence and establish clear contracts of sale before making an offer or a bid on a listing.


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