Flippa Premium - First Access. Data Insights. Premium Services

Elevate Your Buying Experience with Flippa Premium.

⁨First Access. Data Insights. Premium Services. One Subscription

⁨Gain an edge with early access to exclusive listings, in-depth data insights, and a suite of services designed to empower your buying decisions.


Flippa Premium is an upgraded offering to our First Access. Subscription. We have now added the following benefits. 


First Access

Be the pioneer with Premium. Enjoy a 21-day head start and position yourself ahead of the pack. The moment a new deal hits our marketplace, we’ll notify you through email and text…before the rest.

With an average of 150 buyers per asset, this is a strategic advantage point that distinctly sets you apart.

Comparisons & Benchmarking

Elevate your insights with Premium. Delve into Flippa’s exclusive pricing data and historical sales benchmarks. Visualize an asset’s pricing and performance relative to peers and comps—past and present.

Gain comprehensive insights including vital metrics like Average Order Value, Refund Rates, Lifetime Value, Churn, and Visitor numbers.

Performance Data

Amplify your analysis with Premium. Unlock comprehensive data from up to 15 financial, eCommerce, and SaaS integrations. This ensures you get verified data and a thorough analysis on the operational highs and lows of any connected asset.

Armed with insights from industry titans like Stripe, Shopify, Amazon, and Google’s Admob, you’re in a position to interpret the metrics that matter.

Traffic Insights

Partnered with 

Get more with Premium. Access an in-depth traffic and competitor analysis report. Through our integrated partnership with Semrush, you get both high-level insights and a complementary, exhaustive report detailing traffic patterns, backlinks, competition, and keyword analytics.

Premium Buyer Status

Stand out from the rest of the competition with a Premium Buyer badge. Looking at an on-market asset. Rise to the top and get preferential treatment. Missed the 21-day benefit… don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

With your First Access Subscription, you’ll proudly wear a premium buyer badge and stand out from the rest.


FAQs about Flippa Premium

What price listing does Flippa Premium apply to? 

Flippa Premium only applies to listings $10,000 and above. All listings under this amount are open to buyers. 


Are buyers who aren't on Flippa Premium still able to message sellers? 

Yes, buyers are able to message all sellers on the platform. For those that are within 21 days First Access period, some buyers will need to wait the 21 days. 


As a Buyer, can I still use Flippa for free?

Yes. You will continue to get all of our marketplace benefits such as AI matching, Deal Room, FlippaPay, Escrow, Multi Currency support and thousands of listings. You will not have access to the subscription only portions of our site. 


As a Seller, will I now have a limited number of buyers with access to the data on my listing? 

The total number of buyers who have access to all the information on your listing will be reduced. However, buyers who have indicated they are the most engaged and ready to purchase as Flippa Premium Subscribers will have access to more data than ever before with the inclusion of Free Semrush reports. 

All Buyers have access to the following sections for Free 

About the Business

Revenue & Expenses

Google Analytics

Monetization Methods

Products and Services used

Sale Includes

Social Media



Flippa Premium Buyers get additional access to the following sections. 

Performance Data - Integrations like Shopify and Stipe. 

Traffic Insights

Comparisons & Benchmarking 



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