APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) Builder / Contract Builder - Organize contacts faster to help get deals done.

Our APA builder allows you to create a contract within our Deal Room that is then supported by Dropbox Sign eSignature technology. 

  • Users can use the Flippa APA Builder to generate a legal document for the purchase of an asset.
  • Users can also upload their own contract they may have (APA, Share Purchase Agreement, Contract of Sale)
  • Both the APA Builder and the Purchase Agreement Upload utilize Dropbox Sign to capture signatures from both parties.

Features of the Flippa APA

Users can create an APA with the following fields, which can be customized and will produce a PDF document unique to their deal.

  • Purchase Price - This is the agreed price between Seller and Buyer, excluding the value of any inventory the business may hold.

  • Closing Date - The date on which the buyer and seller of the assets agree to complete the transaction. On this date, any funds held in escrow will also be approved for release.

  • Milestone Payments and Milestone Dates

  • Included Assets - Any and all assets that are used to operate the business.

  • Excluded Assets - Sellers may wish to be explicit about any accounts or assets that are not part of the agreement.

  • Transition Services - Sellers and Buyers can agree and document after-sales support that will be offered in relation to the sale.

  • Non-Compete - Buyers may request that the seller agree not to compete within the same line of business for a set period of time.

  • Special Provisions - Specific conditions or requirements peculiar to the contract under consideration and are supplemental to the General Provisions. They are typically added to a contract to address unique circumstances or to clarify or modify the general terms of the contract.

  • Warranties - These are assurances from the seller as to the condition of the target company or business.

Note: This is not to be considered as legal advice. Sellers and buyers are entitled to and encouraged to have the contract reviewed by their own legal counsel. 

FAQs about the Flippa APA Builder.

How do I access and use the APA Builder? 

Our APA Builder is available via a Tab within The Deal Room.

Once you have clicked on the Tab, you will be guided by our step-by-step wizard through each stage of the contact formulation process. 


How do I use the APA Builder? 


What listings have access to the APA Builder? 
Our APA Builder is available under the following conditions. 

  • Listings above $10,000 USD and any of the following are met.

  • Where an LOI is signed by both parties
  • An offer is accepted by both parties 
  • There is a winning bidder of an auction / Buy It Now. 


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