Watch List / Watching - Stay up to date on listings that matter.

The Watch List feature allows users to keep track of listings that they are interested in without having to constantly refresh the page.

When you add a listing to your watchlist, you will receive an email or SMS notification whenever there is a new update, such as a price change, new bid, or comment.


Here are some of the benefits of using the Watchers feature on Flippa:

  • You can stay up-to-date on the latest changes to listings that you are interested in.
  • You can be notified immediately when a new bid is placed, or a comment is made on a listing.
  • You can save time by not having to refresh the page constantly.


FAQs about Watch List

How can I add a listing to my Watch List?

  • To add a listing to your watchlist, simply click on the "Watch" button that appears on a listing and within search results.
  • You are able to add multiple listings to your watchlist.


How can I see what listings I'm watching? 

  • To view your watchlist, click on the "My Watchlist" from the My Account menu at the top right of the page. 
  • From here you can see if you are watching either of the following items on Flippa Listings, Categories, Sellers, or Off-Market Listings. 


How can I stop watching a listing? 

  • You can stop watching listings by clicking on the same button you clicked to watch it in the first place. This can be done from the Search Results page, Listing Page or Watch List. 
  • When you stop watching a listing, you will also stop receiving notifications about that listing. 

As a watcher, am I able to stop all email notifications but still be watching the listing? 

  • Yes, this can be done via the Notification Settings. Notification Settings are found here My Account Menu > Account Settings > Notification Settings.
  • From here, within the Buying Activity, you will see the options for Watched listing updated or Watched listing relisted. 


As a Buyer, how can I watch a seller?

  • The Watch Seller function can be found here The Deal Room > Seller profile > Click Watch Seller. 
  • To stop watching a Seller this is done via the My Watchlist > Sellers view > Click on the Watching button for them to be removed from watching. 


As a Seller, how can I update all prospective buyers that are watching my listing? 

  • Placing a comment on a listing will allow you to update all prospective buyers that are watching your listing. Sellers and Buyers are able to comment only on classified listings, if the comment box is missing on a listing, it's because it's an Auction listing. 

As a Seller, when I relist a business after it may have not sold what happens to my watchers? 

  • When a seller re-lists a classified listing after it has ended as an auction listing, the watchers of the original listing will not carry over to the new listing. However, if the watchers of that listing also watch the seller, they will be notified that the seller has posted a new listing instead. 

  • If a seller relists an auction listing as a new auction listing, the watchers do carry over to the new listing in this case.

  • All watchers will be notified via email, depending on their settings, when a listing is relisted. If they remain interested in the business, they are able to watch the listing again.  





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