Inviting Buyers to The Deal Room


How do I invite Buyers to The Deal Room? 


On business above $25,000, owners are able to invite buyers into The Deal Room.

Sellers can

  • Sellers can now view recommended buyers for their asset inside the deal room.
  • Sellers can browse these recommended buyers as well as relevant watchers of their deal. Watchers have been filtered to only those who are relevant to the deal as are recommendations.
  • Sellers can invite these buyers using the Invite Buyers button in the top left.
  • After being invited, the status can be checked within the Invited tab.
  • All invites will be collated and delivered at a friendly schedule for buyers
  • Buyers will receive all their invitations every on a Mon/Wed/Friday schedule. 
  • Buyers will also be texted their top match at 9 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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