Flippa Integrations - Choose from 15 connections.

  • Sellers are able to demonstrate the strength of their business easier and with more trust built in.  
  • Buyers will now be able to glance and review more listings in a shorter time. That first question to a Seller can get to the finer details when more data is presented upfront. 


Verified And Integrated Data

Connect and expose financial and operational strengths or assess business quality easily with Flippa’s network of Integrations. 15 of the world’s leading financial, eCommerce and accounting platforms are now available. 


We integrate with 

Google Analytics Shopify  AdMob  AdSense
WooCommerce  Stripe Amazon BigCommerce
Lazada eBay Square PayPal
Shopee Magento QuickBooks  


We don't stop there when it comes to verification. As an additional layer look out for the Vetted By Flippa badge. 


For more details on each of the integrations that Sellers can connect to their listings click here.  

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