Flippa Invest - Provides US based accredited investors with unique opportunities (13th October, 2022)

Its' here Flippa Invest provides US based accredited investors with unique opportunities to invest in thriving, healthy and growing online businesses.


What is Flippa Invest?

With Flippa Invest, we open up access to a private network of growing businesses. These opportunities are exclusive to Flippa and available to accredited investors.

We’re talking, established, fast growing and revenue generating eCommerce and SaaS businesses. Each of these businesses has a planned exit strategy and the offer is limited to a small number of investors. Investors take an equity position in the online business, facilitated by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).


Who Can Invest?

Flippa Invest opportunities are only available to Accredited investors who are residents of the United States. Prior to investment, all investors will be required to complete an accredited investor check on the Assure platform.


Who Can Raise Capital? 

  • Broadly your minimum valuation must be above 500k
  • You should ideally be profitable and growing. However Flippa will accept loss making businesses only if your growth rate is substantial (ideally above 20% year on year)

Reach out to our team here: https://flippa.com/product/invest


How does Flippa Invest Work?

  • Browse our Invest listings available in Search and our navigation bar.
  • Review the listing. You can contact the raising company representative directly by clicking “Enquire now.”  Doing so will bring you to our Deal Room where you can chat directly with the company representative and shortlist, archive, and view the profiles of investors and raisers.


Starting your investment

Ready to invest? Simply click the “Invest Now” button, and you’ll be provided a screen that outlines the investment process.

  • Some investments will have a waitlist for the Special Purpose Vehicle. For these, input the amount you wish to invest, and you’ll join the SPV waitlist. Flippa will send you a notification when the SPV opens.
  • Investments that have the Special Purpose Vehicle open will take you directly to the Assure website where you will need to begin the Registration, KYC, and Accreditation process.


Connecting to Assure

Flippa has partnered with Assure.co as the leading provider of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). The US based company has a solid track record and history in this space, no other provider has completed more SPVs or private transactions (14,000+)

  • When making your investment, you will be directed to the Assure Glassdoor platform. 

  • Firstly an account will need to be created on Assure.

  • On Assure you can set your investment / subscription amount, document accreditation details, set your wiring bank, and wire funds to assure.


How it works after, you’ve made your investment.

  • Your funds will be held in trust until the SPV makes the investment.

  • Once the investment is made, you’ll receive an email notification from Assure with your SPV details, dollar holding and key information regarding the investment.












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