Flippa Off-Market - Mapping the world’s largest database of online businesses (13th, October 2022)

Flippa is mapping the world’s largest database of online businesses and giving you unprecedented access.


Shortlist and engage us to help you connect and seal the deal. We are navigating, analyzing, and graphing the life cycle, ownership, transaction history, growth, and valuation of every online business in the world. You benefit!


How can Buyers benefit from the Off Market? 

  • You can message business owners or let our team do the work for you by engaging with a Buyers’ Advisor.
  • Streamlined Search & Discovery, We’ve simplified prospecting and finding your next acquisition. Use our advanced search filters and watchlist capabilities to find exactly what you’re looking for.


How can Sellers benefit from the Off Market? 

  • Unsure about selling your business? With the Off Market, you can gauge interest in the business before listing on Flippa. 
  • Just purchased an online business, with the Off Market you can operate the business grow it and be informed when Buyers are interested in the business.  




As a business owner can I have my listing taken down from the Off Market? 


Yes you can, on the listing page there is a link called Claim your listing from here you can submit a ticket to have the listing removed. 



As a Buyer how to I enquire about a business. 


Using the Express Interest or Engage a Broker buttons you can reach out to find out more about the asset. 


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