We often get the question, “Why should I verify my phone number?”

While it’s not required to list with Flippa, starting in September 2019, we will begin rewarding sellers who verify their phone number and add a profile picture. You will only need to verify once.

Why are we doing this? 

Trust & safety is a top priority. Buyers don’t just want to know what they are buying, they want to know who they are buying from. We also know that sellers with complete profiles sell faster. Trust sells! 

Adding a picture helps buyers understand who they are communicating with, and verifying your phone number helps us get in touch if we need to assist you. (Note: your phone number will not be shared with buyers.)

What do I get for verifying?

By verifying your phone number and adding a profile photo, you will earn trust indicators on your profile, and have full visibility in search. You will have full interaction with buyers. 

What happens if I don’t verify?

If you don’t verify your phone number, your listing will be live, but you will have limited direct interaction with sellers. You will be able to see messages, but not respond to them.

If you don’t add a profile photo, your listing will be live, but it will not appear in search results.

You can find some instructions on how to verify your phone number here. 



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