How Flippa Works/ How to Buy and Sell Businesses

On Flippa you can buy and sell websites, businesses, domains and apps through auctions and classifieds.


  • Sellers can launch sales as auctions or classifieds
  • Buyers can engage with sellers by making bids or offers on a sellers listing
  • Buyers need to be accepted into an auction before their bid is approved
  • Sellers do not have to accept any offer unless it meets their needs
  • Listings can be made confidential under an NDA
  • Once an auction reaches over reserve or an offer is accepted for a classified, the payment process begins
  • Buyers and sellers transfer assets between each other and Flippa doe snot take part in any transfer
  • If either party has any concerns about a transaction, a listing or another user they can contact Flippa to seek assistance and support


Flippa is an online marketplace that facilitates the meeting of buyers and sellers for the purpose of buying and selling digital assets and businesses.

Sellers create listings of the asset or business that they wish to sell and then chose to sell them as either a 30 day auction or a classified, selecting a minimum reserve (auction) or minimum asking price (classified) that they wish to sell for.

  • Auctions last between 3 and 30 days.
  • Classifieds have no end date.

There is currently a $15 monthly listing fee for either sale type. More information about fees and charges can be found here Fees and Fee Payment, Charges and Pricing

Regardless of the sale type, all listings must comply with our prohibited content policy found here Prohibited Content and all users must comply with our banned behaviour policy Banned Behaviour

In auctions, buyers place bids and once the bids reach over reserve the buyer with the highest bid purchases the asset or business. Please see this article for more information about bids in auctions: How can I manage/ accept/ reject bids in my auction?

More details of how an auction works can be found here How does an auction work?

In classifieds, buyers make offers to the seller. When the seller receives an offer they are happy with, they accept that offer and the buyer purchases the asset or business.

A summary of the differences between auctions and classifieds can be found here: What's the Difference Between a Public Auction and a Private Sale (Classified)?

After a sale completes (a buyer has purchased the listing either through a Classified sale or an Auction Sale), the payment and asset transfer process starts.

  • Payment can be made either through Escrow or PayPal
    • For further information about Escrow services, please see here
  • Assets are transferred between buyer and seller and Flippa does not get involved here, but can provide some advice. Please see here for some more information Does Flippa help with asset/ business transfer?

If anyone has any issues or concerns with any sale they are involved in, Flippa support will try and help. Just contact the support team with details of the concern and we will contact you as a priority.

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