Buyer and Seller ID Verification Process


In an effort to make Flippa a safer marketplace, all users will need to complete ID verification before making or accepting a payment on Flippa. Buyers and sellers will only need to complete this process once.

You can begin the ID verification process from the Sales Completion Area of your listing, or, by logging in to your Flippa account and selecting 'MyProfile'. A link to complete the ID verification will appear at the top of the page. 

About SumSub:

Flippa has partnered with one of the world leaders - Sum & Substance - to provide bank level security. The system is compliant with GDPR, KYC and AML. 

The information is stored in Amazon GDPR compliant servers which are located in Europe. Responsibility rests with a Data Protection Officer. The data is stored in an encrypted format on our servers which are kept at Uptime Institute classified Tier III data centers compliant with TIA-942 and PCI DSS standards. The data centers are protected technically and guarded physically around the clock by specifically audited security personnel.

ID Verification Process: 

There are three steps to the ID verification process, each step is outlined below: 

Step 1: Applicant data

  • To start ID verification, enter your first name and last name as it appears in the ID documents that you will upload in the next step. It is important to ensure that the information that you type exactly matches the documents that you are uploading.
  • On the following page, select 'Upload New Documents'.

Step 2: Proof of identity

  • Select an ID type. Your options will include passport, ID card or drivers license.
  • Take a photo of the ID. The photo should be bright and clear, and all corners of your document must be visible. You should also include a photo of the back side of your ID. The image/s should be more than 100KB or 300DPI.

Step 3: Liveness Verification

  • Record a short video of yourself. To complete the liveness check, you will be asked to take a selfie. Press the button “Start liveness check” to start the verification.
  • You will see some instructions on the screen. To finish the check, position your head following the guide on the screen. Your goal is to make sure that your face fits into the oval space on the screen. You can find some more information about the liveness check here.

Review and Completion:

  • Before you submit the documents for review, you will be able to make edits to anything you have uploaded. If you are happy that the information and the photos are correct, you can continue to the next page. 
  • The system will review your documents. This process usually takes between 1 to 3 minutes, but may take up to 24 hours.
  • Your 'ID verification statusin the Sales Completion Area will update to a green tick if you have successfully completed the process.
  • If your status has not updated to a green tick within 24 hours, select 'Verify ID Now' again. This will provide you with details about why you have not passed and you will be able to upload the documents again.
  • If for any reason your ID is not accepted or there are problems with the verification process, please reach out to


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