Adding an NDA hides certain information on a listing. Buyers will have to sign the NDA in order to see this information and sellers will have to great access to every buyer individually.


  • Sellers can add an NDA during listing creation
  • Buyers must sign an NDA to view confidential information
  • Sellers must individually grant access to each buyer that they approve


Sellers can select an NDA to add to their listing during the listing creation process. More information can be found here How can I make my listing private/ add an NDA?

Once logged on, a buyer can view and sign an NDA.

Sellers will be notified via email once a buyer has signed their NDA so that they can review the buyer. After the review, a seller can grant access to their listing from their listing dashboard which can be found on the listing with the NDA added:

Buyers will be notified via email once a seller grants access.

Once a buyer has been granted access they can view the confidential information of the listing.

Please also note that there is a “contact” button on the listing dashboard that enables sellers to immediately start a a discussion with each buyer.


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