Flippa can facilitate Milestone or instalment payments, however please contact us to arrange these and there are some conditions.


  • Milestone payments = minimum $50k sale value
  • Instalment payments = no minimum sale value


The amount of payment, frequency/ time period and any performance targets for payment release should be clearly detailed in a sale agreement between buyer and seller.

Please note that the full payment amount (sale value) must be paid into Escrow at the start of the payment process. Milestone or instalment payments can then be released as agreed.

Please contact support@flippa.com if you wish to establish milestone or instalment payments.


Milestone payments are part of a payment plan established when an agreed sale is subject to the asset(s)/ business's future performance. When the asset(s)/ business reaches the agreed upon performance an agreed payment amount is released. 

There is a minimum $50k sale value for milestone payments.


Instalments are a similar payment plan where buyer and seller agree to pay the asset(s)/ business sale value over a number of payments, i.e. $4500 on sale and $4500 6 weeks post sale. 

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