How to sell any digital property or business/ businesses on Flippa (Listing requirements for sellers)

You can list for sale any digital property or business/ businesses that you own and have the rights to sell and transfer on Flippa. Simply select what you are trying to sell and pay the listing fee and you can be live within 24hrs.


  • Visit
  • Select Start Selling
  • Choose what you are selling
  • Start building your listing and continue through the listing process


Flippa is committed to enabling sellers to list as easily as possible and for those listings to have all of the information that buyers need to make an informed decision about what they are considering to purchase.

When you start the listing process you will be asked what you are looking to sell. How do you know what to select?


Websites cover blogs, e-commerce stores (not on an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, eBay or Amazon - these would be termed 'other businesses', see below), SaaS and other online sites.

Websites should be currently generating revenue and exhibited visitor traffic. If it does not, the listing is considered a starter site - please see below.

Starter Site

A Starter Site is a website that more than likely has no traffic or revenue and is created as an opportunity for someone else to make revenue and profit. These sites quite often rely on the new buyer to drive traffic to the site in order to generate performance. Without actions by the new buyer there is little chance that the site will generate any performance.

Starter sites should follow these rules to accurately describe themselves. If a listing does not - or you have concerns whether a site is a starter site or not - please contact us for help.


Apps covers mobile apps - both iOS and android. If you have any other type of app that you wish to sell, please contact Flippa.

Apps should follow these rules to accurately describe themselves. If a listing does not - or you have concerns whether a site is a starter site or not - please contact us for help.

Other Businesses

Anything that cannot accurately be described as a website, starter site or app should be listed under 'Other Business'.

This covers stores on established e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay or Amazon; plus businesses with multiple assets or channels to market (such as one with multiple e-commerce stores, apps and its own e-commerce website). 


Domains are simply individual or multiple domains that are listed for sale. 

There are multiple options to list domains for sale - either individual listings for high value domains; or portfolio domain sales.


For each type of listing that is selected, there are a number of steps to launch your listing that may include ID verification, building (writing) your business listing; and (depending on the type of listing selected) options to connect GA and accountancy software if you use one.

Please note an important part of the listing creation is to upload a photo or image that will be shown on the listing. This should be a photograph of a product, site or service associated with the business being sold and it needs to be a high res, large rectangular or landscape image. It could be a product shot, website or general lifestyle image. Please note that this is required for the listing to be completed.

During this process - and if the business you are listing qualifies - you may also be asked to choose the level of assistance that is required, self-service where a listing is fully managed by the seller including all interactions with buyers; or broker assistance. The actual services that are provided by a broker varies from broker to broker, but typically includes professional valuation, listing creation, buyer vetting and assisting a seller compile all required financial and legal documentation. Essentially engaging a broker means that a seller is ‘hands-off’ during the listing and sale process, the broker does everything. The broker will charge a fee for this service and sellers should discuss what fees are charged by brokers before engaging one. Further details about our fees and charges can be found here.


All listings incur a listing fee. This is charged to a valid credit card and processed via the payment provider ‘Stripe’. More information on Stripe can be found at ‘’.

After payment has cleared the listing will be launched for potential buyers to review. It may not be fully active at this stage as it may need to pass a final Flippa QA, however we aim to complete this within 24 hours of the listing being finished. Sellers will receive an email when this has been completed and approved.


Please note that Flippa reserves the right to suspend or cancel any listing related to an app that we believe may be considered to be contravening another party’s IP or another company’s terms. We may also suspend any listing and the associated user account upon being contacted by a third party about such concerns and/ or concerns regarding misrepresented performance or financials. 

All listings must comply with our guide on Prohibited Content.


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