How to make changes to my listing when its live?

Before a listing is live, everything apart from the URL for the listing (the website/ app etc that you are selling) can be edited. After a listing has been launched there are limits to what can be edited.


  • Listing description, title, opening bid, auction end date, reserve price, and Buy It Now price can be edited - but with some restrictions


  • The listing description and title, can be edited once the listing is live. Once a bid has been placed, however, the listing description can no longer be edited.
  • The revenue, traffic and category classification cannot be changed.
  • In an auction, the auction end dateopening bid, reserve price, and Buy It Now price can be modified after the listing is live. The reserve price can't be changed once it has been met. 
  • In a classified the minimum offer price cannot be changed once the listing is live.

If you find yourself unable to make the changes you need, please contact our support team and they can assist you.


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