Bid Limits / Pre-authorization Charge


  • Attempt to bid on an auction over $5000
  • Complete pre-authorization with a valid credit card


Buyer Certification involves a pre-authorization charge that is applied before a bid can be placed in an auction or an offer placed for a classified listing. These are:

  • $5 pre-authorization charge for all bids or offers over $200
  • $500 pre-authorization charge for all bids or offers over $5,000.

Please note that unless this is completed you will not be able to bid in any auctions.

Technically it's not an actual charge, it's a hold that we place for a specified amount similar to the hold that hotels place when you book into a room. 

At the point of making a bid over $200 or $5,000, you will be asked to complete a certification process. This is free, there are no charges applied.

  • We'll ask you to enter your credit card information. This is a secure form, and this information won't be used to process payments. 

  • We place a temporary hold on your credit card. This hold is removed as soon as we can verify the card. 

  • You'll then be redirected to the listing page, where you can place your bid.
The actual length of time varies from bank/ financial institution and can be up to 30 days. Please note that this is outside of Flippa's control.

Please note that these are one-time pre-authorization amounts. Once a pre-authorization has been completed your account is enabled to bid at that level permanently and will not be asked to pre-authorize again.

NOTE: It may be possible to use debit cards if they have a security code (similar to a CVV in a credit card). Please use caution in doing so, and call your bank prior to using it for buyer certification, as this does not work for all debit cards. 

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