Flippa offers a 24hr 'change of mind' guarantee. If you list your asset or business on Flippa and have decided you no longer wish to sell, simply contact Flippa support and we will remove the listing and refund your money immediately. Listing fees will also be refunded as required by Australian law.

If Flippa issues you a refund, that refund will be paid to you using the same payment methods you used to pay any Fees to Flippa or via any other method Flippa chooses from time to time.

If you, as a Seller withdraw a Classified or Auction (where permitted by the Rules) after 24hrs, then unless we otherwise expressly state to the contrary, there will be no refund of any amount of the Fees paid by the seller in respect of the Classified, Catalog Sale or Auction.

If you, as a buyer, wish a refund of a purchase made through a successful sale, this can be submitted through the Flippa Dispute Process. Please note that disputes can only be submitted after 48 hours of a listing's closure. 48 hours after a listing closes, the link to "Dispute Sale" will become active in the Sales Completion Area for that listing. Once the dispute is submitted it is sent for review.


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