Recognizing Fake Emails


Phishing is an illicit activity (often accomplished via email) whereby the perpetrator impersonates a legitimate company or enterprise in an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, bank details, social security numbers, account access, and more from unsuspecting victims.

1. We will only email you from

Spoofers can attempt to mimic domain names. For example, an email received from <[email protected]> or <[email protected]> is not the same as <[email protected]>. One way you can always be sure that an email from Flippa is authentic is to check where the email is coming from. We will never email you from a non-flippa email address.

2. We don’t ask for bank details or payment information via email

We will never ask you to disclose bank details or payment information via email. However, under certain circumstances we sometimes request to see valid identification, an alternative email address or request access to certain platforms like Google Analytics. These requests are usually linked to an ongoing issue. 

Other attributes of official Flippa emails to take note of:

  •   6 letter reference number for your Zendesk ticket.
  •   Emails sent from the staff members will display their department
  •   When corresponding with Customer Support message at the bottom of the text in grey font will read “This email is a service from Flippa Customer Success. Delivered by Zendesk. “

If you are suspicious of any emails received please contact Customer Support at [email protected] and of course never disclose any confidential information. Alternatively you can always visit the Flippa homepage and access your official messages there.

If you feel someone is trying to steal your identity or if you have found a website actively stealing information please report to it by emailing the URL to [email protected]

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