How to Write the Best Listing Description


Writing a thorough Listing Description (aka. sales letter) is a great way to add value and professionalism to your listing.

Listings with the most detailed descriptions tend to sell at a higher rate than listing with short, vague descriptions.

Don’t know how to write a good listing description? See below for our must-have's for writing the best listing description.  



  1. Always be sure to proof read your listing
  2. Ensure it is adequately spaced, so it is easy to read.
  3. Use short, concise sentences. Don't ramble



- About the seller: Always try to include a brief bio about yourself, including:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Background

- Description of site: Provide a quick overview of the entire business:

  • How it works?
  • How it generates revenue?
  • How is product or service sold/provided/offered?

- Business Model: Provide a detailed description of your business model:

  • When are invoices are paid?
  • How is content is generated?
  • How does revenue flows through the business?
  • What 3rd party suppliers/providers/wholesalers are used, etc?

- Monetization: Describe how the site generates revenue:

  • AdSense?
  • Product Sales?
  • Advertising Sales?
  • Other? Provide detailed examples

- Monthly time requirement: Provide an estimate of the number of hour it takes to run the business?

  • What tasks must be done to generate maximum revenue?
  • Explain how much time is currently spent.
  • Provide examples of the tasks needed to increase revenue per month, etc

- Marketing: What marketing strategy have you implemented, previously and currently?

  • Has SEO been DIY or professional?
  • Do you use social media?
  • Email campaigns?
  • Have you invested in AdWords, Facebook, etc?

- What is being included in the sale?

  • Social Media Accounts
  • Domains?
  • Social Media accounts?
  • Inventory?
  • Employees, Manufacturers, etc?
  • Other, etc?

- Challenges: List any obstacles you or new buyer may face?

  • Licensing?
  • Geographic Restrictions? ( ex: sites can only be bought by AUS residents)
  • Account Transfers? (ex: Paypal subscriptions cannot be transferred)
  • Manufacturer/Supplier Issues? (ex: contract stay in place?)
  • Any other potential challenges or issues, etc?

- Future Opportunities: List any opportunities for growth:

  • More diverse marketing?
  • Spend more on advertising?
  • Outsource?
  • Other, etc?

- Competitors: Who are your competitors?

- Unfair Advantage: What makes this website better than its competitors?

- Reason for sale: Why the business is being sold?

- Post Sale:

  • Are you willing to sign a 3 year non-compete contract in the industry where the business operates?
  • Will you provide 1-3+ months of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations?

- Anything else? Add any additional information you think might be relevant to this sale.


If you get stuck with this at any time, feel free to contact our helpful Support Team on [email protected] Best of luck with your auction!

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