How to Enter Revenue and Profit Accurately


Two of the biggest factors that determine how much a website is worth is revenue and profit. Incorrectly entering these into your listing can ruin the auction, causing you to potentially miss out on selling your site.


Not sure how to enter revenue and profit correctly? Here’s how:


1. During the listing process, you will be taken to a section titled “Revenue.”




2. You will be asked if the site earns any revenue. Click ‘Yes’ and check which Monetization Method(s) are used.




3. You will then be brought to a page like this:



4. *Note: If your site earns revenue with Google Adsense, you will need to verify it through our Adsense Tool below.*


5. Enter your month to month revenue for the site in the boxes below “Revenue earned in the last 12 months.” If your site didn’t earn revenue for a particular month or the site’s revenue history doesn’t date as far back as shown in the process, enter ‘0’ as the value or else the system will not allow you to launch. See below:

6. After you have entered month to month revenue, scroll down and you will see a section titled “Running costs for the last 12 months.” Enter your month to month expenses.

7. After you have entered your month to month expenses, click “Next” to save your changes.



8. Flippa’s system will calculate your profit based on the values entered. Once you finish completing the listing process, your information will be reflected in the listing. See below.

If you get stuck with this at any time, feel free to contact our helpful Support Team on [email protected] Best of luck with your auction!


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