What is Editors' Choice?


What is Editors' Choice?

Our Editors scour the marketplace and hand-pick great opportunities to recommend to you. Auctions included here have passed an initial due diligence screening.

Do I have to conduct any due diligence prior to placing a bid on an Editors' Choice listing?

Yes. While our Editors conduct an initial due diligence process, it is the bidder's responsibility to make sure he or she conducts more thorough due diligence.

My listing is fantastic and should be listed as 'Editors' Choice'!

Awesome.  Our Editors Choice listings are chosen among listings that are already live so it is not necessary to contact the Flippa Help Team to be considered. To increase your chances of being picked, it's important that you;

  1. Make sure you have your Google Analytics verified using our platform.
  2. Make sure all month by month revenue and expenses have been added and that all revenue claims are backed up by evidence (video walk-throughs are best!)
  3. Offer outstanding customer support to people interested in your listing.  That is, be very upfront and honest about your listing and be available to help potential buyers with the due diligence process.
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