How can I sell in the Starter Store?


UPDATE: Flippa's Starter Store was merged into the Websites marketplace on 11th August 2015, to create a stronger, unified marketplace.


Flippa's Starter Store was introduced in August 2014, to make a special place where we showcase the very best Starter Sites, ideal for first-time website buyers. 

To sell in the Starter Store, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a Flippa Super Seller
    Super Sellers have :
    A stellar history on Flippa over a period of time.
    A near perfect feedback rating
    A high volume of transactions

  2. You must have sold 3 or more Starter Sites in the last 3 months

  3. You must be selling well designed templates that look professional

  4. You must be operating within our Site Rules, specifically, you must have the rights to re-sell this template


If you meet these criteria, the process to apply is to contact Support, with the line "Please review me for the Starter Store".

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