What's a Homepage Feature listing upgrade?


The Homepage Feature upgrade can really raise the exposure to your listing and set it apart from others on Flippa, offering up to three times more bids than a standard listing.


The Homepage Feature upgrade features your listing and a short description in one of two lists on Flippa's homepage at https://www.flippa.com. It looks like this on our front page:



How can I get a Homepage Feature upgrade for my listing?


The Homepage Feature upgrade is included in the Show Off, Premium, and Ultra Premium upgrade bundles, and looks like this in the bundle image:

It can also be purchased separately for $99 in the Upgrades area of your listing by first choosing to "Keep my standard listing" and then clicking on the Homepage Feature listing as shown here:


How long will my Homepage Feature upgrade last? 

The homepage feature for your listing should go up within a few minutes after payment and stay there for up to a day or more, depending on how many other Flippa users have upgraded as well. Flippa does not guarantee a minimum duration for the Homepage Feature upgrade.

Will my listing rotate back onto the page once it disappears?

No, your listing moves down the list on the homepage, but will not rotate back on after other listings push it off the page. You're welcome to purchase the homepage upgrade again for additional exposure.

Can I get a Homepage Feature upgrade for free?

While we have offered promotional upgrades that included a Homepage Feature upgrade in the past, normally the $99 upgrade fee applies.

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