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Hey All,

There's now a macro called "Adsense", which can be used when general troubleshooting of the "Adsense Error" is exhausted.

It's not ideal, but I can't really see any other way to respond to these tickets.

Also, if you wanted to add extra information, you might recommend that the user clear Flippa Cookies from their browser, and try again.

Always be prepared to contact the Development Team, and request that they manually remove "Verified Adsense Revenue Data" from a user's Flippa Listing, in cases where the user is adamant that the displayed revenue information is less than what their actual Adsense Revenue is.

In these instances, the user may wish to upload screenshots of their Adsense Revenue via the Attachment Management link, which is located on the right side of the Flippa Listing page, underneath the Manage Listing heading. 


General Adsense troubleshooting:

Not really sure how to answer AdSense queries? No worries, read on.    

Firstly, ask them if they're logged in to the proper Google profile when they're creating their listing, and to make sure they have full access (not just read-only) to the site that they're trying to add Verified Adsense Revenue Data for. 

If it's still not working, ask the Development Team; there might be a bug with either our system or their site that's blocking verification.

At this point, if the user has already added Verified Adsense Revenue Data to their Flippa Listing, you might want to ask if they would like the Development Team to manually remove the Verified Adsense Revenue Data (graph and all) from their Flippa Listing, so that they can upload screenshots to back up their Financial Claims instead.


If the Development Team comes back negative on the bug report, it's time to use the "Adsense" macro:

Please log out of Google and try again. Our system may be trying to verify Adsense using the wrong login details. We don't prompt for a password, as Google handles that part of it.
Is it possible that you don't have an Adsense profile set up for the same website under the same login credentials?
In this case we won't be able to find any Adsense data and we'll display the error, "There was a problem collecting your AdSense earnings data". 
There needs to be at least 2 month's worth of earnings on the account (since we exclude the most recent month).

There may be a permissions issue pertaining to the Google account that you're logging in to (or are already logged in with). The error might be due to the fact that your Google account doesn't actually have data for the website for which you've created your Flippa Listing

Perhaps the "domain" the Adsense is set up for differs from what the Google account is actually used on.

Unfortunately it's near enough impossible for us to debug such things without access to your account, which is out of the question (due to privacy / security concerns).


Here's some examples of tickets that are displaying 'that' error ("There was a problem collecting your AdSense earnings data". ):


Hi - thanks, but I did that before, and it takes me in an endless loop, and thus doesn't address the problem.  In other words, you have written

      >Please ensure that you have logged in to the proper Google profile

but I already am - indeed I'm logged in to Google AdSense, and indeed my generic Google account login, with the correct account (the only one I have for AdSense in fact) right this minute even as I'm writing this email, and as I was when I wrote my original email.  In another tab (doesn't matter whether I use IE, FireFox, or Chrome), here's what happens:

1. Log in to Flippa
2. Go to Dashboard
3. Go to the site I'm selling
4. Click on Recommended... Verify AdSense Revenue (column shown on the right)
5. It brings me to a page showing
     Flippa is requesting permission to:
  •  View your AdSense data
    • View your ad clients, ad units, and channels in AdSense
    • View your AdSense performance and earnings reports
  • Perform these operations when I'm not using the application
       [Allow access]    [No thanks]6. I click on [Allow access]
7. After about 5 seconds it returns me to my main page but displayed at the top, in red, it shows
   There was a problem collecting your AdSense earnings data
Help!! I'm stuck at a very basic hurdle, and I imagine that buyers will not be interested unless I can get past this one.

Many thanks for your continued attention.

Auction URL: 
Customer's message follows: 
I tried to verify Adsense, but it is not displaying correctly. Could you either fix it or remove the false number from my listing. It is much lower than reality and will likely cause me to get less or lower bids than I should.I am very dissapointed with this false number that could hurt what I sell my website for.I would like this rectified very soon as there are only a little over 2 days left in my auction.I have screen shots proving what my actual Adsense earnings are attached to the listing so you can see that it is in fact displaying wrong.
Hi - I've recently joined and am setting up a new sale. Everything works fine (verified analytics etc) EXCEPT when I try to verify AdSense earnings, wherein I repeatedly get "There was a problem collecting your AdSense earnings data". 
It's not even asking for an AdSense login/password (which is actually the same as my Analytics login/password, which it successfully verified with no problem), and when I search around on Google for this, I see a few users who have simply mentioned the same problem, but no resolution.Any thoughts/assistance you could provide would be most welcome!Many thanks - great site!
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