Alert System ( Under Construction )


What is the Flippa Alert System?

The Flippa Alert System is primarily used by the Marketplace Integrity Officer, as a tool to detect users who may be breaching Flippa's Terms & Conditions / Site Rules . It is accessible through .

The system utilizes internal processes, as well as information from ThreatMetrix , to generate these alerts.


  • A user logs in to Flippa
  • Makes a purchase using credit card or PayPal on Flippa ( listing placement, Listing Upgrades, Flippa Credits, Success Fee payment )  
  • Makes a change to the PayPal email address added to their Flippa listing
  • Finalizes payment for Listing Fees and activates a Flippa listing

Threatmetrix Device ID match

WHOIS email

PayPal account

Payment method ( credit )

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