15 Steps to Superior Support


Dear Customer Support Agent,

Welcome to the Flippa Customer Support forum.

We refer you to 15 strong rules to ensure Flippa customers experience Superior Support.

Join us in our quest for Perfect Customer Support.

Found by Dave @GoSquared

Have a good one,


1 The customer is always right. No

2 24 hours is golden. If a ticket is 

unresolved for more than 24 hours 
during the working week, the 
customer will not be impressed. 
Aim to reply within 12 hours.

Stress to impress. #Angry_Bloggers

3 Add a personal twist. Treat people 
as individuals and always add to 
automated “macros” in some way.

4 Get names right. It shows lack of 
e�ffort and poor attention to detail 
to get names wrong.

5 Always proof read. You’ll always 
�fnid errors. ;)

6 Put yourself in the customer’s 
shoes. Is the response going to be 
well received?

7 Never reply late at night or after 
drinking. If a case is seriously 
urgent, this may create an exception to the rule, but think very 
carefully, and ideally get a third 
party to proof read before sending.

8 Be lenient with refunds and
credit. If we’ve done something
wrong, credit will often go a long
way to change the customer’s

Even if the customer has breached our Terms & Conditions, if we have not provided the service, a refund should be issued.

9 Reply to everything. Customer
interactions lead to customer

10 Short and sweet. Nobody wants to
read long emails. KISS: Keep it simple, stupid! ;) #hostile_work_environment 

11 Use proper English. For the sake of
clarity, “hw cn i hlp u” is not proper

12 Think global. Di�fferent people in
di�fferent places have di�erent
manners of dealing with one
another. Try to associate with who
you’re dealing with.

Do the needful.

13 Don’t be too technical. Gauge the
technical ability of who you’re
talking with and match it.

Please be nice to our customers.

14 Get it reviewed. If you’re unsure
about anything, ask. The customer
will detect if you don’t know what
you’re talking about.

15 The customer is always right.

The first rule of support club is: 

The fifteenth rule of support club is:

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