Email List Policy procedure


Q. A user has reported a listing that contains an email list as a bonus that appears to not have been generated through the website offered for sale ( website is days / weeks old ) . What do we do here?

A. Flippa's Site Rules at state the following ;

" Email customer/subscriber addresses can only be sold with a website where the email address was provided by the address holder specifically for the site being sold. Email address lists not directly attributed to the site for sale cannot be sold on Flippa. "

Based on this, any listing found or reported to contain an email list which is clearly not created through the website being sold in the listing, should be suspended, and the seller contacted via the Email link in the Admin Panel to advise them of the issue, referencing the above clause from the Site Rules.

If the seller contacts us and agrees to remove the email list, advise them that the listing will need to be cancelled with a refund provided, for them to relist the auction without reference to the email list. If they further agree, cancel the listing as normal through the Moderate Listing link, making sure to select the " Refund " tickbox.

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